15s Head Coach - Clarissa Janz

This will be my first season coaching for WILD! I played for Slinger High School as a 3 year varsity starter, and then received a scholarship to play at Alderson Broaddus University in West Virginia, where I graduated with a degree in Psychology. I coached 15’s last year at West Bend Power, and am currently coaching JV2 at Slinger. I am extremely excited to be joining the WILD coaching staff!  As a coach, I do everything I can to help my players reach their goals, achieve personal success, and to help get them transition to play at the next level. I take a personal interest in each one of my players and will do whatever is necessary to make sure they each get what they want out of their club season. I work really hard to make sure they have a grasp on the fundamentals of volleyball, along with helping them perfect their skills. Being a former player, I understand the importance of being a part of a team, which will help them in volleyball, as well as other aspects of life. Effort is one of part of the game that I really stress and is a quality that I make sure to help instill in all my players. I cannot wait for the season to start and to make my first season with WILD a great one!

14s Head Coach - Jenna Patterson & Kailey Dynes

Jenna Patterson
Volleyball has always been my life. I have lived and breathed competitive volleyball since 6th grade, but I started playing when I was 6. I coached and reffed recreational volleyball my junior and senior year to elementary and middle school students.  I started coaching club when I was 17. I was an assistant coach at G-force for 14’s. I learned that if you cannot play then helping others be the best they can be and seeing them improve is the next best thing. I am currently in my senior year at UW Whitewater. I am a social work major with a special education minor. During my time at Whitewater I wanted to still be involved with volleyball one way or another. I played Intramurals a couple times and I was on the club team my freshman year. Sophomore year I decided that I wanted to coach again. My sophomore and junior years were spent at Milton Aces as a head coach for 12’s and 14’s. I am very excited to start coaching at WILD. As a coach I strongly believe in giving 110% all the time. Also I believe in a team that works hard and grows together. Every person on the court may have different roles in the game but making those roles work together and grow stronger is key. I cannot wait to see what this season has to come!

Kailey Dynes
Volleyball has always been a part of my life. I started playing when I was 9, and coaching when I was 15. I coached and taught recreational volleyball leagues and programs for 4 years to 10 year olds to 14 year olds. I volunteer assisted Milton Aces VBC and Adversity VBC.  During that time I played JV and Varsity volleyball. Being named offensive MVP and Team captain four years in a row, I am and always have been a leader on the court. Junior year I got recruited to play collegiate volleyball, but decided to pursue a nursing career. My goal for this season is to allow every young athlete to develop their character through the game of volleyball while working hard, working together and working towards individual and team goals."I've worked too hard and too long to let anything stand in the way of my goals. I will not let my teammates down and I will not let myself down."  - Mia Hamm​

17s Head Coach - Renee Kode

16s Head Coach - Jenn Will ​
Volleyball has always been a huge part of my life. I started playing competitive volleyball as early as 5th grade, however before that I was playing volleyball in my back yard or anytime I was able to get a hold of one. I played for Milwaukee Sting Club for 7 years and played varsity at Cedarburg High School and Living Word Lutheran High School when I transferred my Junior year. I have helped coach middle school and last year I was head coach for the 16s WILD team. I am very excited to coach again this year because I love to extend my knowledge on the game as much as possible. I have a very competitive edge and LOVE to win. I always try to push my team to give 110% in everything. I love being loud and always out cheering our competitors. I can not wait to see where this season takes me and my team, and to help my team become better players and teammates!       GO WILD!​​

18s Head Coach - Jeremy Schumacher ​

My approach to coaching volleyball is to cultivate a lifelong love of this great sport, to teach advanced skills needed to play competitive volleyball at a varsity and collegiate level, and to instill values of teamwork and good sportsmanship in all of my players. This will be my fifth year coaching with WILD. I also am an assistant coach at Concordia University-Wisconsin, where the Falcons have won conference both years I have coached there. The Falcons are enjoying their best season in program history and are looking to return to the NCAA tournament for the second straight season. Having played in college, and now coaching at the collegiate level, I work to prepare my players with the physical skills and mental toughness they will need to be successful at the next level. I work with each player to help them reach individual goals, as well as promoting goals for the team and the club as a whole. Outside of volleyball, I work at Christian Life Counseling as a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist. My background in psychology helps me to manage my teams with very little drama, and I put a lot of emphasis on the relationships that players form by being teammates. I work hard to collaborate with my players, their parents, and the rest of our coaching staff to ensure that each player is given a great experience with WILD volleyball.​

Kevin Buettner  -  Club Director





2017/2018 Staff


13s Head Coach - Kevin Buettner

This will be my 12th year coaching club volleyball.  I have coached 12s all the way up to 18s in schools and clubs.  I really enjoy challenging girls to raise their skill level and increase their knowledge of the game.  I am a very competitive person I like the chess match that goes on between coaches which drives me to keep learning the game and new coaching techniques and strategies. I started playing volleyball when I was 16 in church leagues and adult leagues around West Bend.  When I got to college I played 2 seasons on the UW-Oshkosh men's club team which is where my love for the game was taken to a new level.  Once my UWO playing days ended I began coaching and now I have coached the Living Word Lutheran High school varsity team for 9 seasons, 8th grade at Badger Middle School, worked at numerous camps, and currently coaching as the varsity assistant at West Bend West High School.   I still play in as many leagues and tournaments as possible.  My day job is teaching physical education at St. Frances Cabrini in West Bend and seeing kids growing and succeeding in sport and activity is what I am all about!  I started this club 5 years ago with the hopes of creating an option for young athletes that is safe and welcoming yet challenging and fun.