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WILD Volleyball Club Cancels Remaining Season

WILD volleyball club will follow all of the Covid-19 protocol put in place by USA Volleyball, the Badger Region and St. Frances Cabrini (and other practice sites).  All of those groups have suspended tournaments, practices, and all extracurricular activities.  With the each team having kids from schools all over the area it is best that we do our part in keeping everyone safe and healthy.  The though is that things will be reevaluated in early April which effectively ends our seasons.  As club director I want to extend a huge thank you to all the coaches, athletes, and their families.  You all have played an integral role in making this season the most successful one yet.  When things clear up you are welcome to organize a wrap up party if you wish. As is the case every year I do not know what the future holds for me or WILD Volleyball club.  I will do my best to make decisions that will benefit the club as a whole.  Please check in on the website and Facebook page for updates this summer and into next fall.  


Thanks for everything



Congratulations to the following teams on their impressive tournament results:


2/29 - 3/1
15s - 1st in Gold
17s - 3rd in Gold
16s - 1st in Silver

Season results in trophy room under the Pride tab!







2019/2020 NEWS!!!


Changes for next season:

Fees:  $1500 (13s-17/18s)   $1000 (12s)

Schedule format

All teams 13s and up will compete in the following events:

Badger Region Championships, Presidents Day, National Qualifier (or comparable out of state tournament), and 8 other flexible dates.  This ups the playing dates from 9 or 10 up to 15!

12s will stay local with 9 or 10 dates.



I love all the pictures submitted thus far!  Keep them coming!

The easiest way is to share a folder on google drive with me @ or email me a link to however you store them at the same address.