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Please visit the team page  to see who has been given offers and who has accepted.

Due to low numbers we will not be having a 16s team.  If you received a 16s offer it is now a 17s Kailey offer.



All accepted offers will be listed under the team page

2019/2020 NEWS!!!


Changes for next season:

Fees:  $1500 (13s-17/18s)   $1000 (12s)

Schedule format

All teams 13s and up will compete in the following events:

Badger Region Championships, Presidents Day, National Qualifier (or comparable out of state tournament), and 8 other flexible dates.  This ups the playing dates from 9 or 10 up to 15!

12s will stay local with 9 or 10 dates.



I love all the pictures submitted thus far!  Keep them coming!

The easiest way is to share a folder on google drive with me @ or email me a link to however you store them at the same address.